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Diesel Car.

Diesel Car Insurance

At OneQuote Direct we understand the benefits of driving diesel cars, and the amount of people requiring diesel car insurance. As a forward thinking company, we know the kind of people that buy diesel cars, and why they buy them.

If you're a mum, taking the kids to school everyday then you might want to benefit from our limited mileage discounts. This could save you a significant amount and you could benefit from cheaper car insurance.

You might be a high mileage driver, that is used to driving thousands of miles every month that's not a problem. As an experienced driver you may wish to select the option of increasing your excess which may help to reduce your insurance premium. After all, cheaper car insurance is probably what you are looking for.

We're just like you, we want to save money on car insurance and we want to do it as easily as possible.

Onequote Direct - making your insurance go the extra mile.