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Onequote Direct Fees & Charges

Our fees and charges are always visible, allowing you to make an informed decision before you purchase, make changes to or cancel your insurance policy. These fees and charges are in addition to any premium that is charged by your insurer.

Fees and Charges Description Amount (£)
New business fee This is for arranging a new policy. Up to £75
Renewal fee This is for arranging a renewal. Up to £75
Temporary addition fee If you want to make a temporary change to your policy. £20
Mid-term adjustment fee Change of vehicle or driver.

Any other permanent change

Cooling off cancellation fee If your policy is cancelled within 14 days from the start date of your policy, this fee will be charged. £25
Cancellation fee If your policy is cancelled after 14 days from the start date of your policy, a fee will be charged. £50
Before cover has started If your policy is cancelled before cover has started, a fee will be charged. £25
Price comparison charge If your policy was taken out through a price comparison site and your policy is cancelled by you or us, we reserve the right to charge within the first year. £25
Credit card charge If you pay by credit card. FREE
Duplicate document charge If you require duplicate documents. £20
Document Postage Charge Email




Voided policies fees This is for a policy which has been voided. £75

All fees and charges are also found in our Terms of Business.

Please refer to our FAQs for any fees and charges relating to the direct debit arrangement for your monthly instalment payments with Premium Credit Ltd.

Please refer to our Terms of Business and your policy documentation for further details, including your right to cancel under the terms of the "cooling-off" period and afterwards and for details of how refunds of premium are calculated.

Please be aware that premiums for our Optional Extras, e.g. Legal Expenses are non-refundable.