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Renewing your policy

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How do I renew my insurance?

If you pay by monthly direct debit we will automatically renew your insurance. We will send you a renewal invitation with your renewal price approximately three weeks prior to the end of your policy. If you paid last years premium in one payment you will need to call us to renew.

When is my policy due for renewal?

Your policy end date will be stated on your policy documents. We will contact you approximately three weeks before your renewal date to advise of your new premium amount. Alternatively, you can contact our customer services team on 0344 800 0445.

Can I change my renewal preference?

You can change your renewal preference online at

I am moving to another insurer. How do I request proof of my No Claims Bonus from you?

Your renewal invitation will state how many years' No Claims Bonus you currently hold. Your new insurer should accept this as proof. You may need to send them the full renewal notice.