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Car travelling down road.

Which type of car insurance is best for you?

Insurance is a 'must have' purchase because it's illegal to own a car that's not insured, even if you park it off the road (unless you have declared the car SORN).

Onequote Direct, offer three different types of policy:

  • Third-party only
  • Third party, fire and theft
  • Comprehensive

If you're an experienced driver, the type of policy you choose will affect the premiums you pay with lower prices often reflected by lower levels of cover. However, this isn't always the case.

For example, drivers under the age of 25 are the most likely group to buy Third party only insurance because they are trying to reduce the cost of their policy and often drive inexpensive, second-hand cars. However, since this group poses a higher risk, the cost of this type of policy has actually been rising in comparison to comprehensive insurance.

You may want to check the price of all three types of policy before you buy. But, remember, cheapest isn't necessarily best. Extra cover can give you more peace of mind, especially if you ever find yourself needing to make a claim.

Third-party only

This is the most basic car insurance policy you can buy and is designed to meet minimum legal requirements by covering you for any damage you may cause to other people, their vehicles or their property.

If an accident is your fault, this type of cover usually won't pay for any repairs to your car or cover any of your medical expenses. If the accident is the fault of another driver you will be able to claim against their insurance. However, if blame cannot be decided, you will not be able to claim on your Third -party only insurance.

As you might guess, Third -party only insurance doesn't offer your vehicle protection against fire or theft.

If your car is an inexpensive runaroundrun-around, you may feel this cover is adequate for your needs but remember, if you were to be involved in an accident, this type of policy would not pay out money to help you replace your car or to treat any personal injuries you may suffer. Therefore you may wish to compare the cost of Third- party only insurance with other types of cover since it could be well worth paying a little extra for better protection.

Third party, fire and theft

Third party, fire and theft offers you the same basic protection as a Third party only policy but you are also covered if your car is stolen or damaged by fire.


As the name suggests, comprehensive car insurance offers the highest level of cover. Not only does it protect your car against fire and theft, but also against accidental damage caused to your vehicle and to other road users - whether or not the accident is your fault.

However, be wary of the term 'comprehensive' because this doesn't necessarily mean you're covered in all circumstances. For example, your policy may not include breakdown cover or protect you if you're driving abroad so check your policy carefully. Also, when you're searching for comprehensive insurance quotes, always make sure you're comparing like with like since some policies are more comprehensive than others.

Many insurance companies allow you to tailor a comprehensive policy to your needs by offering a number of options to enhance your cover. For example, you may be able to add breakdown cover, legal expenses insurance, lost key cover etc. if they're not already included in your policy. Many customers prefer to buy their comprehensive car insurance this way because it means you only pay for the cover you want or need.